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New Message Series

On Sunday, February 6th, we will begin a new message series entitled - "What You Believe." Maybe you have visited other churches and came away not really knowing where they stood on major teachings of the Bible. At Halesford Baptist Church, we want you to know where we stand and what we believe. If you are a guest, maybe this will help you to decide if HBC is the right church family for you. If you are a member, then this series should help to reinforce the truths you already believe. In this series, we will deal with doctrines like...

  • Salvation in Jesus Christ alone
  • The power of the blood of Christ
  • The eternal security of the believer
  • The infallibility of the Bible
  • The importance of the church
  • Stewardship vs ownership
  • Sharing our faith with lost people
  • Living in the end times
  • Marriage and the Family
  • Heaven and hell

Come join us at 8:30am or 11am, and find out what the Bible has to say about these important teachings of the faith.

Current Wednesday Night teaching Series

Beginning October 13th, pastor Polston will begin a new lesson series entitled "The SIGNS - A Study of Matthew 24." In Matthew 24, Jesus was asked to give a sign for the end of the age. Jesus responded by giving many signs and we are going to be discussing those over the next several weeks. What does the Bible say regarding...

  • The 7 Year Tribulation
  • The Antichrist
  • The Rapture and Second Coming of Jesus
  • The Coming Millennial Kingdom...and more

Join us every Wednesday in the sanctuary at 6pm.

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