Checking out a new church can be daunting. How will I be treated? Do I need to dress up? What time does the service start? Are there other people in the church like me? Where can I find the sanctuary? What if I want to sit in on a Bible study, which one should I attend? Who can I talk to if I have any questions? Whew. At HBC, we want to make your time with us as accommodating as possible so that you can focus on God and finding out if HBC is the right church for you. 

When you plan your visit, one of our greeters will...

  • Meet you at the front door
  • Give you a free gift from our church
  • Introduce you to some great people
  • Help you get your kids checked in
  • Show you around the church
  • Check to see if you are interested in one of our Bible study groups
  • Save you a seat in the service
  • Pray for any needs you might have
  • Make sure you meet pastor Craig, and his wife Crystal after the service

Just give us a call at (540) 721-8640 and we will help you plan your visit today.